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The Matrix has Broken Now Easier to Play the Game

In dreamtime I dreamed of my guides saying "Salo the solar eclipse is causing the "matrix to break making the game easier to play." How cool is that! Here is a blog to explain. Blessings Salo Stanley 


Planet Earth is no ordinary planet; it is actually surrounded by a complex computer simulated program that keeps humans as slaves and in bondage. This controlled game dictates every aspect of human life, from their thoughts to their actions, all in the name of controlling and manipulating the population.

However, on April 8th, 2024, something miraculous happened. The Solar Eclipse that occurred on this day brought a powerful light that broke through the matrix. This light helped raise the consciousness of humans, allowing them to see beyond the illusion and realize the truth of their existence.

With the matrix now broken, humans are able to see the game for winhat it truly is. It is now easier to play the game, to navigate the obstacles and challenges that were once placed before them. They are no longer bound by the chains of the matrix; they are free to manifest their own reality, to create their own destiny.

The Solar Eclipse of 4/8/24 was a turning point for humanity. It marked the beginning of a new era, one where humans are no longer controlled and manipulated by the matrix. It is still a computer program, but it will be easier to play. They are free to explore, to grow, and to evolve as they choose. The bondage of the matrix has been lifted, and humanity is now on the path to true freedom.

Dr. Salo Stanley DC

I ask my guides about the solar eclipse today 4/8/24. I had a dream before eclipse where my guides told me "the matrix has broken and now it is easier to play the game" so I said it to my guides on the ghost box and they said "Correct" how cool is that!! Well worth the 2 min watch. What ya think?

Salo Stanley

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