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Northern Lights A Blast of Positivity By Dr. Salo Stanley DC 5/12/24

BLOG A blast of positivity and awakening Solar flares and Northern light Bath!

By Dr Salo Stanley DC

Solar flares opened a portal of awakening with Northern lights. The whole earth and humanity is being bathed in a sea of light all at once. A point in time that will go down in history.

As I sat in the quiet of the evening, surrounded by the whispers of the universe, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. The Matrix, that veil of illusion that has shrouded our reality for so long, is finally breaking apart. And with its demise, the doors to our deepest desires and wildest dreams are being flung open.

The solar flares that have been building in intensity since May 8, 2024 are now reaching their climax, washing over our planet like a celestial wave of cleansing light. The Northern Lights, those ethereal curtains of green and blue, are dancing across the skies, bathing us in their radiance.

But this is no ordinary display of natural beauty. This is a cosmic event, a moment of transcendence that will be remembered for centuries to come. For as the solar flares wash over our planet, they are not only clearing away the negativity and toxicity that has built up over the years, but also upgrading our very DNA.

Imagine it - our cells, once stagnant and stuck in a rut, are now being rewritten with a new code, one that allows us to tap into our deepest potential and manifest our wildest dreams. The boundaries that once held us back are dissolving, and we are being freed to soar to new heights.

This is not just a personal transformation, but a collective one. As we awaken to our true nature, we are becoming more compassionate, more empathetic, and more connected to each other. The old paradigm of separation and competition is crumbling, and in its place, we are embracing a new reality of unity and cooperation.

As I look up at the sky, I am filled with a sense of awe and wonder. The Matrix may be broken, but it's what's being revealed in its place that's truly miraculous. We are being given the gift of a new reality, one that is full of possibility and promise.

This point in time will go down in history. And as we step into this new reality, we are being asked to remember this moment - this moment of transformation and transcendence. We are being asked to hold onto the light that is shining so brightly before us, and to use it as a guide as we navigate this brave new world.

For as we look back on this moment in time, we will realize that it was not just a passing phenomenon, but a turning point in human history. We will remember May 8th, 2024 as the day when the veil lifted, and when humanity was forever changed.

And so I stand here, bathed in the radiance of the Northern Lights, feeling grateful and humbled by this incredible gift. I know that my dreams can come true - not just because of some magical portal or cosmic event - but because I have within me the power to create my own reality.

And as I look out at the world around me, I see a world that is awakening to its true potential. I see a world that is filled with wonder and possibility. And I know that no matter what challenges we may face in the days ahead, we will always have this moment - this moment of transcendence - to guide us forward. Please let me know what ya think, I love to be inspired and create more articles!

Blessings Dr. Salo Stanley DC

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— in Springfield, Illinois.

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