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My Moment of Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Apr 25

I was a Chiropractor treating a client in Fresno California in 1992 when a she suggested I see

a crystal healer in town. I said I don't believe in anything woo woo, and brushed the thought

off. This client continued to persist that I go, and after 9 months I said "Ok" just to have her

stop asking me lol. Well, I went on July 28, 1992 and boy did my life change. As I was laying

on the massage table, she was laying crystals on me. As she got to my heart chakra I felt a

sense of vibration in my body and if I was expanding sideways. I felt and heard a pop in the

center of my head (later on I found it was the opening of my pineal gland). I heard

the Crystal Healer say to me "Wow you got to keep your energy down, it is to much for me to handle" Then all of a sudden I heard a voice in my head say "We are so thrilled to have this open communication with you" We have been with you since you were a little girl" I saw a vision of an individual whohad dark long hair, and looked like a guru from India. He said his name was "Ishmet" that he was one of many guides for me in this lifetime" Well then Ismet began to give me information on the Crystal Healer and I repeated to her what he said. The Crystal Healer was stunned and stated "How do you know that!! It is true!!! I said "I was just repeating what this guy from India was saying to me. "Isn't this part of the Crystal Therapy Treatment?" The Crystal healer said "No, I have been doing Crystal Healings for 20 years and this has never happened! It will probably go away for you" Well, it never did go away and my life changed. I left that session, went to a new age store and bought my first crystal. I went home to my boyfriend of 10 years and said I was leaving him. I moved out in one week, oh my goodness! My life changed and I started doing Spiritual reading sessions. As I have grown spiritually over the years so has my guidance. My guides have now grown to a group consciousness that is a symbol of "O". "O" is a symbol of everything and no thing, no beginning no end.

I now live in Springfield Illinois and do spiritual readings fulltime on the phone all around the world. I also draw symbols called Light Language. Light Language speaks to the soul without words. It is a feeling an emotion. By viewing these symbols many people have spiritually awakened to their spiritual purpose too! Wow, this awakening has been a experience of me being my true self. I can now give back to others. I can help them have more clarity, direction, and guide them to find their true self!! Talk about coming full circle or "O" in the Universe, lol!

Many Blessings and Love,

Dr. Salo Stanley D.C.


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