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Do you put a red pen to corrections in life or do you put a pen to creativity for yourself

Even in the precise and meticulous world of astrology, there is still room for error and interpretation. While astrology is based on planetary alignments and calculations, there is also an element of creativity, artfulness and intuition involved in reading the energies and meanings behind them. Just as in life, where we can't always predict every outcome with absolute certainty, astrology allows for a more holistic and intuitive approach towards understanding the energies at play.

The beauty of wabi-sabi lies in accepting imperfections and embracing the unique and imperfect nature of things. We are all on our own creative journeys, each with our own unique perspective and way of expressing ourselves. It is not our place to constantly correct or feel the need to help others with their mistakes. Instead, we should embrace the beauty of imperfection and appreciate the creative process that allows us to express ourselves authentically.

Ultimately, it is through our own creative works and personal expressions that we can truly connect with others and share our unique perspectives with the world. By allowing room for creativity, intuition, and imperfection, we can truly appreciate the artistry and beauty in all aspects of life, including astrology and the creative journey of self-expression. You may be right about that correction, but is it your place to do that? Or is it your place to let it be and all is well. Or is it a sign for you to create.

Let people be, let them walk their own path and follow their own journey. Instead of constantly correcting facts and information, Focus on creating your own works of art and passions. Keep your eyes on your own paper, stay in your own lane, and trust that each individual is on their own unique path towards growth and self-discovery. I will say you will feel less responsible for everyone and everything and begin to raise your consciousness to the 5D of our own divinity, awareness, awakening and enlightment.

As you pour your heart and soul into your creative endeavors, you will begin to see the world come together in unity consciousness. By embracing the beauty of imperfection, supporting others in their creative pursuits, and fostering a sense of harmony and collaboration, you will contribute to a world where individuals are free to express themselves authentically and without judgment or fact correcting. I like the changing from perfection or correcting of facts, to "We are all striving for excellence" That way we build up our self confindence in the process of writing, and the creative arts to be a leader in the New Age of Aquarius. Think before you take your red pen out on what someone created or wrote. Feel the message, tap in with your intuition and what this artist has created with other works and self expression. That is how we connect with our guides and angels and higher self. Creativity for the arts, writing, astrology ect is a feeling an emotion, it speaks to the soul without words. It is prayer with God.

So, create your works of art and passions with intention and love. Trust in the power of unity consciousness and watch as the world transforms into a place where creativity, compassion, wabi sabi (imperfections) and unity reign supreme. Let your light shine brightly and inspire others to do the same, for it is through our collective efforts and shared creative expression that we can truly make a positive impact on the world.


Dr. Salo Stanley DC


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